Heroes of Change

Let’s face it.  Middle managers are not that glamorous.  They get stuck with some pretty odious responsibilities, like figuring out how to reduce costs, telling RIF victims bad news, and enforcing policies that they may not always agree with or understand. All the glory tends to go to the executives, along with the good compensation. 

Estimation Purposes Beyond The Customer

In my last post about Estimation Purposes – I spent a little time talking about the reason that our customer might want to estimate, and how estimation informs our conversation with the customer. But the reason for estimation goes beyond the customer, and into our own management and leadership. Listening to the #NoEstimates conversations that

A Buck Stop

Caution: Rant Ahead! E-mail chains. Ken sends a note to Carole, his boss: “I need to know what systems our teams use for client servicing activities, can you help”? Nothing wrong with asking for information. Unless you’re asking people who don’t have a reason to know about what you’re asking. Carole forwards the note to

Estimation Information

A recent exercise at the job around improving the accuracy of estimate for software delivery projects caused me to have a minor epiphany! When doing agile software delivery, we generally get value from having more information sooner. But this plays differently in managing the backlog. We have been working on writing basic stories for all

The Goal of IT

I recently re-read a book called “The Goal” by Eliyahu Goldratt. I had read it years ago, and at the time it had resonated deeply in my mind. Sometimes it is beneficial to review concepts that resonate. For years, I have been working in the application development domain within IT. Most of my views on

Top 5 Reasons to use Sequence rather than Priority

I influence software delivery. Software delivery is abstract and complex. It is abstract because most people don’t really understand what happens behind the bit curtain. It is complex because it requires the translation across many layers of abstraction and back and sometimes the value is lost in translation. I say that I influence it, because

The Slide

Did ya ever work on a project that seemed like the schedule was too aggressive? Where the team had to constantly fight to stay on schedule, and to keep moving forward? Where things maybe got behind and we piled more resources on to catch up? Where things felt bad, but we kept on fighting until…