What Did The Boss Say?

Last year, two goofballs from Norway released a song they thought would be funny, called “What does the fox say?” that turned into a viral hit. The concept for the song is that we know all the sounds the animals make, but not the fox.

Today, I want to talk about things our bosses say. Especially when things are not going well.

How did this happen? Who is responsible? Questions of disappointment.Continue Reading

Two Way Trust

A good friend called me from Austin last year to talk about a work situation. He was contemplating separating from his employer because of what he described as his boss not letting him do the job he was hired to do. As we discussed the situation, it sounded to me like his boss (the founder of a startup) has reached a point where he is afraid of losing control of the enterprise. The longer we talked, it sounded like the boss did not trust his direct reports. It also sounded like he, himself wasn’t trustworthy – he had put his directs in a trick bag, and when they called him on it, his response was not appropriate.Continue Reading

R.A.T.S. Delegation

In writing a recent post for my other blog


about planning and delegation, I fell into a set of 4 principles that define how to delegate successfully. The principles are Responsibility, Accountability, Trust, Success or RATS.

Here is the excerpt from that post:


But in reality, delegation in leadership is not about getting other people to do the work. It is about leadership development. It is about participatory ownership.


Delegation is not dumping the work on someone, and watching to see whether they succeed or fail. Delegation is assigning responsibility, developing accountability, building trust and engineering success…Continue Reading