Top 5 Reasons to use Sequence rather than Priority

I influence software delivery. Software delivery is abstract and complex. It is abstract because most people don’t really understand what happens behind the bit curtain. It is complex because it requires the translation across many layers of abstraction and back and sometimes the value is lost in translation.

I say that I influence it, because my job is to increase the probability of success. To make projects more effective. I do not manage the team. I do not decide the deliverables. I do not even run the process. I do not write the code, very often.

What I do, mostly, is give delivery teams ideas and concepts that can help them increase their probability of success. What I do, secondly, is to convince their customers that those ideas are important, and that their (the customer’s) role is as or more important in the success of the delivery than the technicians who are writing the code.


What is my number one idea? Sequence! Continue Reading