What To Start

There are lots of people talking about “startups”. The talk is about starting a small tech company. Its interesting to techno-weenies, because of the potential payoff. I think that starting a small tech business is interesting to many because of the freedom, control and autonomy. But I am not only talking about a business. When I think of starting, I think much more broadly.

There are many other things that you can start. The universal requirements for starting are:

1) Motivation
2) Vision
3) Time

But this post is about what, so lets just throw out some ideas. Lets just get rolling and think about the consequences later….Continue Reading

A Fast Start

Sometimes, you have to get something started. At work, at home, where ever. You are starting something, because there is nothing. If there was something, you would just use it, do it, enjoy it, etc. Sometimes you can start by picking up where others have left off. Other times, you can start by putting together pieces that are unassembled. Once in a while, you have to start completely from scratch.

Starting from scratch is overwhelming. It can be overwhelming because you don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming because you don’t know how to finish. It can be overwhelming because of all the things you don’t know yet. Starting is overwhelming because of the Unknown Unknowns. Continue Reading