My Blogs

Fruit Producing Ministry – a blog about Christian ministries and how to improve them

Political Capital – a blog about Political, Social and Economic issues; focusing on the origins of issues and potential solutions and their implications.

Mostly my blogs are indictments of problems or issues that I observe, rambling around the origin of these problems or issues, and trying to propose solution alternatives in a balanced way.

I use them as a way to refine my own thinking about things and if in so doing, my thoughts stimulate others, then so much the better.


As for this blog, it started out as a progression from an older blog related to my occupation – Software developer, analyst, leader and manager.

This blog was originally founded on – the soon to be defunct social blogging site recently acquired by Twitter.  I loved Posterous because it was simple and gave me ample integration with other social sites/apps for free.

For those of you who are curious about the blog’s underlying technology here it the current hook up:


Hosting on my own domain:, I use WordPress as the application, and the “Responsive” theme from cyberchimps.  I like this theme because it is highly configurable including CSS and Script add ins.  It’s biggest drawback is the need to upload a Logo Image – rather than simply being able to use text, but no worries.

I use a small number of WordPress plugins – All-in-one Favicon, and Enmask Captcha, to make things happen.  I will probably add some more social plugin’s soon, but to be honest, I haven’t got there yet.  Having to move three blogs over to a new platform has been a challenge.