an interesting model

I was surfing my way through some pages about personal information management software, and I found my self on Mitch Kapor's blog.  Mitch Kapor is the founder of Lotus Corp, and the original author of Lotus 1-2-3 – the spreadsheet that virtually everyone used before Microsoft completely dominated the desktop office software in the late

Early Delivery Part 2 (from my old blog)

Early delivery has been considered the first commandment of agile.  In the principles behind the Afile Manifesto, the first paragraphs says: Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. Early and Continuous delivery of valuable software…  I take this to mean that we are going to structure


In his excellent management skills blog, Tom Foster posts a brief series on Procrastination. Brad, a middle manager, procrastinates and brings the organization to a state where they are months behind on a major project. Tom spends a lot of time talking about time-span, as a predictor of management qualification. I appreciate this, as it

Metaphors in Requirements

This week I was asked to review job descriptions for analyst roles within our IT function. The roles were “Analyst, Business Systems”, and “Senior Analyst, Business Systems”. The person who asked me was looking for my opinion because I am strongly opinionated, blunt, and have experiencing hiring and leading business analysts and requirements engineers. She