Post reality.  It’s a thing.

As marketing guru Seth Godin calls it, post reality is a thing.  It’s funny to me that a marketing guy would get upset with this.  What he is talking about has another word: persuasion.  Marketers do that all the time.  Persuasion itself is a science.

We need to get over ourselves, acting like we care about facts.  Our brains don’t really work like that.  We see patterns, then we hypothesize an explanation for those patterns. A hypothesis is nothing more than a rationalization. These rationalizations when held by a large group of people over a long time become beliefs.

 All science is is us trying to figure out which of our hypotheses is righter that the others.  Science isn’t fact, it’s proof, but just good enough proof, to sustain belief.

If you want to understand this more, consider the following reading list:

Influence, by Robert Cialdini

Thinking Fast and Slow, by Daniel Khaneman

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