Semantic Collision

Sometimes when you talk about application software, you find that the technicians and the customer are agreeing but don’t realize it. This happens when each party says something that is essentially the same semantically, but they don’t derive the same meaning from it. I have been in that situation many times, because of misunderstandings of

Just Good Enough

Just Good Enough. That is what we need. I need code just good enough to work, then you can make it beautiful, after its working. I need requirements just good enough to start a conversation, then we can refine and revise. I need architecture and design just good enough to ensure feasibility for a delivery

What To Start

There are lots of people talking about “startups”. The talk is about starting a small tech company. Its interesting to techno-weenies, because of the potential payoff. I think that starting a small tech business is interesting to many because of the freedom, control and autonomy. But I am not only talking about a business. When

A Fast Start

Sometimes, you have to get something started. At work, at home, where ever. You are starting something, because there is nothing. If there was something, you would just use it, do it, enjoy it, etc. Sometimes you can start by picking up where others have left off. Other times, you can start by putting together

Progressive Requirements Elaboration

In my former post about progressive elaboration, I promised some “examples” from different domains of software development. This is the first of these. As I said before, progressive elaboration is about acknowledging that we can’t know everything we need to get to done before we start. One of the difficulties of requirements elicitation is to

Hiring Talent

Hiring is a tricky business. We screen for experience. We screen for skill. How do you screen for talent? We should recognize that talent and skill are not the same thing. Skill is the ability to apply technique correctly. Talent goes beyond that. Talent includes the ability to know which technique will produce the right