Taking a short break from my customer series to ask a silly question… What are you good at? This Thanksgiving week, I want to think about things we can be thankful for.  So lets start with those things that help us be valuable to those around us.

A Customer Who?

In this series I am exploring the notion of viewing interdepartmental relationships within a company as “customer-provider” relationships.  In this post I want to tackle the question: Who is my customer? Internal departments may do work on behalf of real clients of the company, but never have contact with those clients. There may be customer

A Customer

“The purpose of any business is to create and keep a customer” – Peter Drucker Five years ago, even two years ago, I would have said that the purpose of a business is to create value. Before that I would have said that the purpose of a business is to make a profit or to

God Module Preventers

OK, only developers know what “god modules” are and according to the internet functional architects are just glorified business analysts.  So why is it that I see Functional Architecture as an application of design, simply preventing god modules in a more abstract way? Here is my argument…

Trust is not Binary

I read this post in Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak blog and it aggravated me.   I agree with Bob that trust is given, not earned, but distrust is often earned.  Trust isn’t merely given, it is needed.  I have to trust.  I can’t function without it.  It’s a matter of how much.  Do I trust you

The Elusive Inch Pebble

Of course this title has everyone asking “What in heck is an inch pebble?”, right?  Well I was first introduced to this term by Johanna Rothman in an article she wrote about a hundred years ago.  While I read it, and intuitively understood it, it didn’t at first occur to me that it was a

The Beast

You adopt practice to “make the team go”.  However, every practice you adopt has a cost. The time you spend “making the practice go” is somewhat then a cost of making the team go.  I like to talk about the cost of your practices as “Feed the Beast!”  But what you really want to make

A Fascination With Governance

If a little is good, then a bunch must be better, until it isn’t.  I was having a conversation on the train the other day on the way home from work. I was sitting with an acquaintance that I ride with from time to time and we were both complaining about the week we were

Being Agile (is not the goal)

Just reacting to a thought that floated around me in a meeting today.  Someone complained that a certain way of doing something “wasn’t very agile”.  That’s not very agile. I recognize that I have said it myself.  That’s not very agile.  As if…  Agile is the goal.

Measurement and Management

Over the years this blog has evolved, as my job has changed.  From software delivery manager, consulting architect, to enterprise business architect.  It has often been about management and leadership because those topics have been at the front of my immediate list of problems in delivering software.  Today I read this thoughtful post… by Henry