Heroes of Change

Let’s face it.  Middle managers are not that glamorous.  They get stuck with some pretty odious responsibilities, like figuring out how to reduce costs, telling RIF victims bad news, and enforcing policies that they may not always agree with or understand. All the glory tends to go to the executives, along with the good compensation. 

Customer Satisfaction and The Hero

In this series I am exploring the notion of viewing interdepartmental relationships within a company as “customer-provider” relationships.  In this post I want to tackle the question: What does customer satisfaction mean? Customer satisfaction is hard to define.  Ultimately, we want customers from whom wealth flows to the owners to be content, so the wealth


Taking a short break from my customer series to ask a silly question… What are you good at? This Thanksgiving week, I want to think about things we can be thankful for.  So lets start with those things that help us be valuable to those around us.