an interesting model

I was surfing my way through some pages about personal information management software, and I found my self on Mitch Kapor's blog.  Mitch Kapor is the founder of Lotus Corp, and the original author of Lotus 1-2-3 – the spreadsheet that virtually everyone used before Microsoft completely dominated the desktop office software in the late '90s.  I was a big fan of the Agenda product, and have tried the Chandler product a couple times, but it was NRFPT (not ready for prime time).  I am contemplating giving it another go.

Anyway, Mitch has his current blog on and the interfaces is via e-mail…  I thought it was an interesting model, as I can e-mail from anywhere and I can save e-mails easily when offline if I have a longer post.  Having to be on-line to post is a pain.  having to save text or html files to post later is equally a pain.

This is a trial post, so there may be more later, or this could die quickly…

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