Customer Satisfaction and The Hero

In this series I am exploring the notion of viewing interdepartmental relationships within a company as “customer-provider” relationships.  In this post I want to tackle the question: What does customer satisfaction mean? Customer satisfaction is hard to define.  Ultimately, we want customers from whom wealth flows to the owners to be content, so the wealth


Taking a short break from my customer series to ask a silly question… What are you good at? This Thanksgiving week, I want to think about things we can be thankful for.  So lets start with those things that help us be valuable to those around us.

Trust is not Binary

I read this post in Dan Rockwell’s Leadership Freak blog and it aggravated me.   I agree with Bob that trust is given, not earned, but distrust is often earned.  Trust isn’t merely given, it is needed.  I have to trust.  I can’t function without it.  It’s a matter of how much.  Do I trust you