Taking a short break from my customer series to ask a silly question…

What are you good at?

This Thanksgiving week, I want to think about things we can be thankful for.  So lets start with those things that help us be valuable to those around us.

So think about your particular skills, talents, abilities, and tendencies that help you to add value to others.

Make a list.

  • I am good at making analogies.
  • I am good at problem solving.
  • I am good at writing.
  • I am good at sensing what is “broken”.
  • I am good at encouraging others.

Whatever those things are, give thanks for those things that have been given to you.  If you believe in God, thank Him for giving them to you.  If you don’t, consider carefully how you have come to possess such gifts and talents.  Consider how wonderfully unique and valuable you are, and ask yourself,

“Is it truly possible that this is random and meaningless?”

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