Decision Let-down

Leadership must recognize that momentum is lost when decisions are anti-climactic.  As a leader, it is tempting to focus on the decisions as your primary responsibility – but that is only half of the problem.  When decisions are not incisive, are not positive, result in no obvious actions or next steps – our responsibility is

Customer as Boss

Periodically I have observed people complain about their employees or co-workers, and occasionally I have complained myself. Sometimes people at work act as if they are either ignorant of who their customer is, or as if they don’t care about their customer, it sometimes it is hard to tell the difference.

One Neck to Ring

This post is an extension of What Did The Boss Say. In that post, we explored why executives and managers tend to want a single point of control or responsibility, as well as some of the things that must be delegated to that single point. But there are disadvantages to the single point strategy.

Project vs. Product

Continuing down the path of understanding the differences between contemplation of project vs product as the center of our software universe. Here are a few pithy aphorisms: The resources expended during a project are the cost of the product created, not its value.

IT Staffing Sources and Process

In the application delivery domain, there are four basic sourcing models or patterns: Permanent – the team is composed of permanent employees Contract Staff Augmentation (onshore) – the team is composed of some mix of permanent employees and local contract staff hired by our managers. Outsourcing (onshore) – the team is composed of contractors from