IT Staffing Talent

Skill – The ability to execute a practice, process, or procedure successfully; the ability to accomplish. Competence – The ability to increase or acquire skill over time; the ability to grow in capacity. Talent – The ability to decide which skill is best to apply, and/or invent and execute practice, process, or procedure, where no

IT Staffing Strategy Principles

Posting about staffing strategy. I think that staffing strategy applies at any level of the organization chart, and there are some basic principles that are universal and intuitive. I think that in Information Technology we sometimes lose sight of those basic principles, and skew our staffing strategy or worse, don’t understand or misapply the principles. 

What They Want…

How do we get Enterprise IT to align with our customer? The questions we ask our customer are indicative of our assumptions. Those assumptions are correlated to our relationship with our customer, and our understanding of that customer’s pain points or frustrations with IT. But how do we get past assumptions, and how do we