100% SLA Requirements

Sometimes our customers fail to understand the complexity of modern

Our customer expects a system that NEVER fails to complete some critical
process. The problem is that when that critical process reaches a certain
level of complexity, and/or has a single point of failure this is not a
feasible requirement.

We all recognize that people are imperfect, and that all man made products
are imperfect. Computer hardware and software are imperfect, whether we
built it or bought it matters not. The 100% SLA is not a feasible
requirement because it assumes perfection that cannot be achieved.

Sometimes failures come because things outside a process change without our
knowledge. These events can happen without our awareness and the faster we
detect them, the faster we resolve.

If the customer needs to ensure that his business process completes 100% of
the time, then he should define requirements to “detect and inform” process
failures, to feed a backstop process that corrects them.

If these failures are frequent, he should perform root cause analysis to
create new requirements to “harden” the process against future failures of
the same root cause.

This model provides a path to correct and another to improve. These paths
lead to maturity and quality, a 100% SLA is a path to disappointment and

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