Objective perspective

Sometimes things that appear obvious when viewed from a distance are much
less so up close. Organizations and situations appear completely from the
inside than from the outside.

In order to become objective, one may need to gain some perspective. This
may require viewing from different sides and distances. It may require
putting yourself in someone else’s place.
You cannot consider your view as objective, until you have taken the time
to reconcile other points of view. When you have looked at all faces of
the situation that you can see, and your assessment is still valid then you
are approaching objectivity.

In this same way, don’t assume that others see things from your
perspective. When they don’t appear to agree with you, it may seem like
they are obstinate. They may simply have knowledge, experience, or insight
that allows them to see things that are hidden from your view. Start with
that assumption, and you may learn from them.

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