Direction, Trust, Feedback and Support

Most of us need these three things in some measure to be successful.
Leaders may need less than others, but also need to remember that those
that they are leading need these more than they do.

Most leaders will pick directions when none are provided, accept
forgiveness rather than permission, assume things are good based on
results, and ask for what is needful, network to build support for
initiatives and goals.

As leaders, we need to remember that those we are leading often need fairly
explicit direction, and permission before starting. They need to feel
trusted, and supported in order to accept responsibility.

We need to gauge how much of these things our team members need to be
comfortable, so that we can know when we are asking them to step out of
their comfort zone.

As leaders we may be graded by our customer, sponsor, and manager based on
our results, but we are graded by our teams according to how we have met
their individual needs for direction, trust, feedback, and support.

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