The sniff test

When someone asks you to do something different or unusual, it must pass
the “sniff” test. Is what this person is asking “reasonable”. Does the
accommodation represent a material departure from process/protocol/custom
that may/will have impact in other ways? Is it a one time deal, or setting
a new precedent? Is the cost worth the value? Are the motives behind the
ask straightforward or are there hidden agendas? Is this a setup? Is this
somehow compromising my integrity, justice, fairness, etc? Will this come
back to “bite” me later? Will this actually satisfy the requester?

Whatever sniff test(s) you want to apply. You apply them quickly in your
mind with history and experience as your guide. You reach a conclusion.
When the request fails the sniff test, you call “bullsh*t”!

Happy sniffing!

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