The plan

The plan is the set of steps to get to “done”. What happens when there is
not enough time or money to get to “done”?

We can stop and adjust the schedule – making more time. We can decide to
spend the money. We can decide that “done” means something different that
costs less or takes less time. Or we can keep going and hope we that
people will understand why we have failed.

The hardest part is that while we are deciding how to react to the
information that is not pleasant, we continue to spend time and money.

While people look for some cause of the “problem” – and try to deflect
culpability – they are/were somewhat responsible and now decisions must be
made. There is no problem. There is only new information, and with it,
the ability to decide differently.

Think of the effort to do some work on your home – when a project takes
longer, costs more, etc, you don’t usually duck and cover or deflect
responsibility – it’s your money, time and effort. You get what you pay
for – but software is less tangible, predictable, and permanent than your
house. You just decide….

And in those decisions is the plan….

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