What is up with This (Blog)?

So I want to talk a bit about this blog and how I have been doing it and something that has changed the way I will blog in the future…

**Personal Stuff**
Most of the posts on this blog have been born out of my own experience – both good and bad.

This blog is not widely read. I probably get a couple dozen page views on each post. I don’t actively promote it. I have tried to post at a consistent, sustainable pace. I try to write and refine about 4 weeks in advance, so that I don’t feel pressure to get stuff out. Most of my posts are written as I ride the train to and from work. I spend about 35 minutes each way, and try to write about 3 posts per week.

I struggled to get out a post or two per week, because things at work were not producing the kind of frustration that induced learning or analysis. I have been reading the same techie and management blogs for the past few years (Fowler, Foster, Alleman, Rothmann and a few more… ) Occasionally I would post a riff or a reaction to something these guys said especially Alleman, but… Sometime around the end of July this year, I re-engaged on twitter. Still not sure why, or what actually prompted me to go there, but I did. Wow – I found that there was a whole bunch of people who write the same kinds of things that I write (and much better). It is always amazing when I find others that think like me.

And so where before, I did not have a source for inspiration (except my experience and the scripture) I now read a couple posts every day from folks that I follow on twitter. So I decided that I will publish links and commentary on the stuff that I read and like on this blog. These posts will likely be much shorter than my “regular” posts, just a link to the other post, and a few thoughts.

You can follow me on twitter if you like, I am @regenerateweb.

**Technical Stuff**
I use posterous.com as a blog host. I like it for several reasons:

1) it has an e-mail interface – so I can send an e-mail from anywhere to post – this became a requirement because I wanted to be able to post from my blackberry which does e-mail really well.
2) it automatically connects with my social networks (facebook, twitter) and lets me autopost to them.
3) it lets me schedule posts in advance so that I can get ahead.
4) it supports some custom theming – which I might do when I get 20 free hours. but has enough basic themes so I can pick one that is not too obnoxious.

I use a note taking tool called ZIM Desktop Wiki. It is extremely simple, but lets me maintain hyperlinked notes – so that I can make a “page” related to a topic, and make links to those pages there, so I can organize my posts. Also, using the wiki metaphor, to make a new page, I just create a link and click it and a new page is created.


  • Anonymous

    September 23, 2011 at 4:06 am Reply

    Good commentary Rich, and I am one of the dozen or so hits you get. Always find your posts insightful. Keep writing them!


  • Rich Stone

    September 23, 2011 at 2:59 pm Reply

    Thanks J. Always glad to know someone is appreciative… Rich

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