The Way Forward

Consider this post by Seth Godin… He spends a lot of time describing the negative, which is incredibly helpful when diagnosing our current situation. But he concludes with the game changer – what happens when you do the opposite of all the bad things…

Sometimes it is so easy to see “What’s wrong” with the current picture.  Everyone is a critic.  It is so much harder to say what we should do instead.

George does the opposite

George Costanza (of Seinfeld) famously decided to live by figuring out what he would normally do in any situation and do the exact opposite.

Sometimes our response, when we perceive that the status quo isn’t getting the results we want, is to be somewhat brutal in our critique of the status quo – and then for all the things we find wrong, propose the opposite…

I’m not saying that the opposite is the right thing, but sometimes just thinking through what the opposite might be is a good way to brainstorm through what options you have.  Better yet, look at what others are doing (that is different from your status quo) and think about the opposite of that.

Thinking in terms of opposites is an easy way to get ideas on the table.

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