The Gulf of Uncertainty

Passage across the gulf is difficult. It is too wide and deep to bridge,
and unpredictable weather makes surface travel risky at best.

Two modes of travel are common:

1) Individual swimmers – those of unusual strength and skill are able to
cross. Sometimes carrying many along with them as if on their back. It
requires both strength and resolve as in the middle, one can see neither
shore. Sometimes those who are carried claim to see the shore confusing
the swimmer who can become disoriented and fail, drowning the whole

2) Boatmen – some build crafts of various shapes and sizes, carrying crews
to help navigate and propel the craft. Wind cannot be relied on, because
prevailing winds on either shore are strong, but die down in the middle.
Different modes of propulsion have been devised, but none are sure to get
across, and when the oarsmen tire, they can also claim to see the shore,
causing the captain to become disoriented and fail.

It is hard to cross the Gulf of Uncertainty. Many do not even try.

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