The funny

Where is the funny? Sometimes it’s very hard to find. Humor can help us
through difficult circumstances. It can help us cope with impending doom,
or overwhelming frustration. It can help us gain perspective when we take
ourselves too seriously.

It is fun to harpoon and lampoon our shared frustrations – it brings us
together. We share a laugh at the expense of our rival, nemesis, or that
other guy or group that makes our life more painful.

I am writing from the Chicago Teen Comedy Festival at the Chicago School of
the Arts. My son is performing with his school’s improv troupe.

I am sure that once I relax I will enjoy the performance and I will laugh
and relax some more. I know that my son has no performance anxiety – so I
have his and mine.

So may you all find the funny this weekend, and make fun of something
painful when the need arises.

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