Sufficiency is a word that we don’t use very frequently. It has a high
correlation with enough.

In lean management circles, anything more than enough is waste.

So how much is enough? How good is good enough? How soon is soon enough?
How clean is clean enough? How fast is fast enough?

Often we reward people for going above and beyond the “call of duty”. Is
this not doing more than enough?

Marketing campaigns are specifically designed to encourage dissatisfaction
– to convince you that your current phone, car, service, etc is not enough.

They rely on the premise that the mere existence of “more” confers on you a
need or desire.

Your immunity to this is a predetermined criteria for sufficiency.

So here is my sufficiency question for the day. If I can get more for
less, can I also get less for even less? Why spend more for something
beyond sufficient?

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