Real World Developer Manifesto

Real World developers prefer:

  • Getting things done over sitting in meetings, but understand that communication is important.
  • Working code over extensive documentation, but understand that government regulations, and product sustainability require a rational approach to documentation.
  • Requirements that describe business value over requirements that prescribe implementation vectors, but understand that the customer often can only express requirements in concrete examples based on his or her experience.
  • Practices that work HERE over elaborate methodologies that were designed elsewhere, but understand that some established repeatable practice is beneficial.
  • Freedom to buy or build tooling that I am required to support over centrally supported tools that prevent me from being more productive, but understand that corporate IT may establish some limits or constraints.
  • Freedom to make appropriate architecture and infrastructure choices over organizationally mandated architecture and infrastructure patterns that are poorly understood and supported, but understand that corporate IT may establish some limits or constraints.
  • The ability to hire talented software professionals over a low pay grade mandated by hr or procurement, ensuring only mediocre talent is available, but understand that talent is in the eye of the beholder.
  • Firing developers who create more problems than they solve over demoting or transferring them to other teams, but understand that HR policy may impose some constraints.
  • Managers who remove obstacles over managers who become obstacles, but understand that my own promotion may turn me into an obstacle to others.
  • Customers that understand good enough when they see it over those who fearfully reject software with non-material issues, but understand that even customers need some education and understanding.

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