Today I realized that the entrepreneur in me is stymied by enterprise level
bureaucracy I work in. I send 5 ninjas to assassinate Putin and he sends
the red army to lay siege to my town.

I step on the gas pedal, accepting the risks, while the entire management
hierarchy stands on the brakes, so none of them get hurt.

I get in the car to go to the grocery store, and they insist on paying for
a tune up and oil change each trip – I better really load up the car!

I think I am a good corporate citizen, a wise steward of corporate
resources, but am I really just interested in getting stuff done, and less
interested in getting to done safely. Safely cost extra, and takes longer,
believe you me.

Is it simply impatience that encourages me to accept risk? I don’t think
so. It is more that I have learned to manage risk with transparency and
trust, and history of accomplishment. I also have learned to expect
permission and forgiveness because delivering value is king! But our
increasingly intense regulatory environment is causing others to fear and
spend more on safety.

I’m just saying!

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