A new pim – part 2

My trial of chandler is a few days old. Overall I like the metaphor.
Calendar and task list. Everything has notes. User definable categories.
Good stuff.

I have not used any of the advanced features yet like group stuff – ‘cuz I
am the only one using it.

My experience is that it has trouble with persistence. It saves fine, but
tries to backup data on shutdown and crashes. Twice it has lost data I

Perhaps connecting to a hub account would help. Maybe my data would be
safe there.

My other complaint is the lack of user definable columns or fields.
Chandler has categories, but so far, they appear in a scalar taxonomy and
although I can assign a task to more than one, it only let’s me filter one
at a time.

I want to have multiple taxonomies, and non-taxonomy attributes (like
estimated effort).

I also want to define new views on the same data – different sorts, groups,
column sets.

Right now I have a calendar view and a task view and I can filter.

Still beats todo’s in lotus notes

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