Don’t BS Yourself During Your Job Search

Read this great line from Johanna Rothman’s Hiring Technical People blog:

When you are unemployed, your job is to get a job. If you do other work, you better have a great reason.

It so correlates with the book I just finished on Friday “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield which completely expands the topic to how we tend to find ways to not do what we are really called to do.

When you are out of work, or working away from your strengths or calling, you should be actively working to get to where you are “supposed to be”.  Yes, take any job to pay the bills.  Work your tuchas off to be a contributor and to wring everything you can from each experience and opportunity.  But never let that be an excuse for not assertively pursuing opportunities that allow you to earn a living by doing something that expresses your giftedness.

If every time you have a big goal, you tend to find ways to avoid working on the things that will make that goal happen – you should read “The War of Art”.

If that goal is to find a new job, you should read Johanna’s book “Manage Your Job Search” – which provides a unique set of resources and ideas.